This motorcycle wash and detailing package is a great way to keep your bike looking nice. The Leesburg is a professional, quick, and inexpensive way to protect your bike from dirt and rust build-up between full details. There really is nothing like a quality hand wash to keep your motorcycle, trike, or cruiser looking fresh! if you are looking for a package that will hold up for longer, check out our other options.


  • SPORT $49
  • CRUISER $49


  • Hand wash with a microfiber mitt and mineral-free water
  • Careful bug and tar removal
  • Special air blower drying and final-touch drying with a microfiber cloth
  • We remove any excess water with a compressed air air blower, keeping the pressure under 70 PSI and at the correct distance
  • Streak-free cleaning of gauges, mirrors, and windshield

This package is eligible for some add-on services and some upgrade options. Upgrading to Sturgis Platinum may be required. Depending on the paint and chrome condition, additional time, tools and products will be considered.

Think that your paint is past a fixable state? Don’t think that a certain stain or rubber scuff-mark on your chrome will ever come off? Let us have a shot at it!

Please check the menu available for upgrades and add-on services. Please contact us if you have any questions.