Designed as a quick and affordable motorcycle detailing solution to keep your bike in mint condition between full details, the Daytona Gold package is perfect for when your bike just needs some touch ups or you are in a rush. This is the best package if you are looking for an inexpensive and fast way to keep your outstanding shine and showroom look after a weekend ride.


  • SPORT $89
  • CRUISER $95

In this package, we:

  • Hand wash with a special microfiber mitt and mineral-free water
  • Tar and bug removal
  • Dry with a special air blower and final-touch drying with microfiber cloths
  • We remove excess water with an air blower and compressed air, keeping the pressure under 70 psi and at the correct distance to prevent damage
  • Clean and polish your rims
  • Complete a streak-free windshield, gauges, and mirror cleaning
  • Apply carnauba wax to painted surfaces

This package is eligible for add-on services to bring out an outstanding shine. We will advise you if we think you should upgrade to the Sturgis Platinum package depending on the condition of your paint and chrome. Additional time, tools, and products will be considered. Please check the menu for available upgrades and add-on services.

Please contact us if you have any questions.