If you own a classic motorcycle, you know how hard it can be to let other people look at your bike, let alone touch it. Classic motorcycles are shining, roaring pieces of living history that can be reliable workhorses or temperamental machines that may decide to stop working if you ride or stare at them the wrong way.

At Biketailing Specialties, the premier motorcycle wash and detailing shop in Miami, we understand that your classic motorcycle requires a special, knowing touch to make it shine. Read on to learn about how we treat collector bikes and then give us a call to schedule your detailing appointment. While we’re taking care of your motorcycle, you can relax in our extremely comfortable lounge where you can shoot some pool, use the WiFi, or talk to other bike owners.

We Understand What Makes Older Bikes Different

While there are some obvious differences between modern and classic bikes that even the uninitiated would notice, there are several important factors between today’s motorcycles and the bikes of the past that need to be taken into account for good motorcycle detailing work. For example, if a bike is completely original, right down to the paint, different cleaners and materials need to be used. Older paints were made using different pigments and media, which changes how they react to certain chemicals compared to newer paint. If a bike has many different layers of paint that has been built up over the years, motorcycle detailing shops need to be extra careful to ensure that we check for damage and thin areas in order to avoid causing problems.

We Treat Each Motorcycle As If It Were Ours

While everyone says that they will treat your bike with respect, we really mean it. Part of the reason that we started Biketailing Specialties is because of how much we love ALL motorcycles. For decades, we detailed our own bikes because we never saw anyone do a good enough job. As our skills improved year after year, we saw how many people were riding around with poorly detailed motorcycles or on bikes that might have only seen the wet end of a hose once every few years. Our love for motorcycles is so deep that we studied and worked hard enough to receive International Detailing Association certification.

Some of the Motorcycle Detailing Services We Offer:

  • Hand wash
  • Tar and bug removal
  • Cleaning and conditioning leather surfaces
  • Rim cleaning and polishing
  • Paint polishing
  • Chrome polishing

If your bike needs a deep clean and detail, we can easily make that happen. Get in touch so we can discuss what will make your motorcycle look brand new again.

Whether you’re riding an early 60s Harley or a classic cafe cruiser, we’re here when you need it to look brand new again. From a hand wash to a full motorcycle detail, when your bike needs some TLC, we would love to take care of it. Join our Unchained Freedom loyalty program and receive special offers on services as well as access to members-only events! Contact us today to learn more about our motorcycle wash and detail services at our fun, friendly, and convenient location in Miami.